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Tutto Calabria Hot Honey

Tutto Calabria

Sweet and spicy Orange Blossom honey infused with Calabrian chili peppers

Tutto Calabria Orange Blossom Honey with Calabrian Chili is a bottle full of exceptionally spicy, tangy, and sweet Italian honey enriched with original Calabrian chili! Characterized by its thin consistency, this combination of Orange Blossom Honey and Calabrian Chili delivers authentically hot and fruity flavors that are guaranteed to become one of your favorite go-to meal enhancers! 

Orange Blossom Honey with Calabrian Chili by Tutto Calabria is ideal for drizzling on fries and fried chicken, grilled vegetables, meats, desserts, and cheeses! 6.3oz Bottle 

Collections: Specialty Imports

Type: Honey