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Tutto Calabria Balsamic Kaboom BBQ Reduction

Tutto Calabria

Imported dark balsamic glaze infused with spicy Tutto Calabria chili pepper

Tutto Calabria brings its Kaboom Balsamic Barbecue Glaze with Calabrian Chilli made from Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, hot chili peppers, rosemary, sage, salts, and sugar to create this ideal barbecue glaze. This bottle of perfectly spicy balsamic barbecue glaze contains 9.8 ounces of balsamic BBQ glaze filled with spicy flavors from hot chili peppers with acidic undertones from Modena vinegar and a slightly pungent taste of rosemary with an aromatic herb smell. This barbecue glaze is ideal for fried eggs, roasted potatoes, fish and meat, and even strawberries!  This Italian balsamic glaze makes for a perfect addition to any pantry.

Collections: Specialty Imports

Type: Condiment